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I thought this was going to be straight forward, but I'm not really following what actually needs to be filed. Based on the picture in IJet's post (https://www.600riders.com/forum/fz6-...e-we-go-3.html) he filed the left portion of the tab when the tab is pointing up. But based on your picture of the back of the wheel (tab facing down) you are saying to file the right side of the tab. Additionally, you say to confirm total rotational measurement by rotating CW. This would not match your picture, but would match IJet's picture.

However, several posts say to file the cutout. So not sure if that also needs to be filed.

Also, in several posts I see:

I'm pretty sure the 0.0197" is a typo and it should be 0.197". My tab measures 0.194", so while it is close I can't match the measurement exactly to yours (I understand it is a negligible difference). The rest of my measurements match what you have. I'm aiming for 6* advance, so starting with 0.194" my calculations say final measurement of the tab will be 0.140".

I was hoping to not need to open the bike to figure out how this works, but looks like I might need to to better understand how the wheel fits on there.
How to DIY in post #19 corrected single typo from "0.0197" to 0.197". Although it is pretty obvious it was a typo as all of the supporting math shows the correct #.

Seeing's there is no picture of the of the final check measurement performed on the engines crankshaft, I am not following you...
Did you check your final amount of rotation?
I went to that level of detail as most do not own an ignition timing gun capable of checking the advance on a waste spark I4, thus the only sanity that the amount filed is correct it the measure of rotation while in place on the cranks keyway.

I do see why it is difficult when are references are the back side of the item in question. The key take away is that to advance the ignition, filing has to allow it to rotate CW from its original position.

Good luck and if you do hear it ping, you best check the total rotation or risk destroying the engine. 6+ is a good bit of mechanical advance for this application.