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    Post Here’s How Much More Affordable an Electric Motorcycle Is to Ride

    Yes, It Is Cheaper Right now electric motorcycles are more expensive to buy than gas-powered motorcycles. However, something people don’t think a ton about is the cost of ownership. Basically, how expensive is the bike to ride and own? The video below breaks down the cost of powering your motorcycle clearly. The YouTuber usmcsaxoki did ...
    The post Here’s How Much More Affordable an Electric Motorcycle Is to Ride appeared first on webBikeWorld.


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    Re: Here’s How Much More Affordable an Electric Motorcycle Is to Ride

    Thx for the post, I'm happy to chime in with my thoughts on the Yin-and-Yang of the electric vs. gas motor debate;

    1) Electric motorcycles are awesome! When they are used within their intended scope of operation, they have some real advantages over gas-engines. I had a chance to test ride a few different "Zero" brand models over the years and really wanted one. Still do!

    2) Electric motorcycles currently have some notable deficiencies compared to gasoline motorcycles; for example, limited range paired with slower recharge (i.e. refueling) times.

    3) I often read electric motorcycle enthusiasts/advocates highlighting the advantages without fully acknowledging the drawbacks, almost as if attempting to convince gas-engine motorcycle owners to immediately ditch theirs for an electric motorcycle

    4) I often read gas-engine motorcyclists skeptically dismissing electric motorcycles as 'not-good-enough' (yet), perpetuating the gas-guzzling culture apparently is driving us deeper into ecological debt and global conflict year after year.

    5) I hear advocates touting the environmental benefits of electric motorcycles, which, while they might be significant compared to their gas-engine rivals, overlook some negative environmental impacts of energy-dense battery manufacturing, reclamation, and disposal.

    6) Comparing *overall* performance, gas-engine motorcycles win, in my opinion, perhaps primarily because they've been around for a long time and for decades manufacturers have been able to race them against each other and improve on their design. It's unlikely batteries will surpass the energy density of liquid fuel, or at least not anytime soon.

    7) Anyone owning a gas-motorcycle primarily for commuting should SERIOUSLY consider purchasing an electric motorcycle.. they really should not be underestimated. If you do any long-distance touring, however, you'll probably want to keep an appropriate gas-powered motorcycle for that duty.

    8) I really don't buy the 'loud-pipes-save-lives' nor the 'I'll miss the sound of a gas-engine' argument; while that may be important to some people, I think riding skill is much more of a factor in collision-avoidance than riding a noisy machine. Yes, in many urban areas traffic is quickly getting worse with more drivers driving distracted than ever; that's what makes you a HERO -- navigating the urban jungle on your steed and making it to and from your destination unscathed. Keep it up!

    9) Not a lot of people have $15-grand sitting around in their bank account just begging to be spent; I can imagine the initial cost is a big barrier to purchasing an electric motorcycle for a lot of riders. While the mentioned article provides some good insight to justify a purchase economically, it's probably not going to sway the skeptics.

    I'm probably going to buy an electric motorcycle when it fits my intended riding style and purposes, and it'll feel really good to know that I won't ever have to stop at a gas station.

    Maybe tomorrow! $0.02. -k
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    Re: Here’s How Much More Affordable an Electric Motorcycle Is to Ride

    All good and valid points. Number 5 on you list is my personal sticking point. I'll be ready to jump in on electric vehicles (cars and bikes) when we are able to move away from the current prevailing chemistry. Mining, manufacturing and disposal/recycling of Lithium is fraught with political and environmental problems, not to mention that it is a very finite resource that is mostly available from countries that are unfriendly to the western world.

    I'm hoping in the near future there are commercial breakthroughs with solid-state or liquid-flow batteries. That in and of itself, will change the world.
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