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    Arrow Your Rider Resume

    There is a lot of advise given away on this forum, and I sometimes wonder if someone's advice is valid or not.

    If I am not sure about what I am talking about, I will either shut up, or write my post in such a way that it is clear for everone that I am not sure of my advice/answer, and it is just my opinion, or my guess.

    I am sure all of you noticed how certain ppl will just give out advice about anything without really knowing what they`re talking about... and they`ll do so without clarifying that they are not 100% sure...

    Anyway, in an effort to help everybody determine if someone's advice is trustworthy or not, I thought it would be good to gather everyone's rider resume.

    So here I go:

    - I have a French and American motorcycle license. Even though the American one is useless, the French one means that I had to go through 20 hours of riding class, followed by I don`t remember how many hours of actual riding (with instructor) on the streets and in parking lots, practicing panic stops, riding in the rain, controlling the bike at low speeds etc...

    - I am in no way a great rider in terms of my technique... I am improving though with as many trackdays as I can fit in the schedule, and everytime I go out in the twisties. I did read a bunch of books though, and I believe I know the key things one should know in order to become a good rider.

    - I owned 6 bikes in my life: a Honda CB500 for 2 years, followed by a Honda Hornet 599 for 1 year, and FZ6s over 2 years, and my current rides are a Buell 2009 XB12Scg for the streets and a 2005 GSX-R600 for the track.

    - The total number of miles I have under my belt is about 50k miles.

    - I have no proper mechanic training, and everything I know about motorcycles I learnt by experimenting myself, or from other more experienced riders, or by reading books, magazines, and forums

    - I have done 4 track days so far and I am hooked for life!!! If you've ever considered doing a track day, do it! You will not regret it.

    - I think I can be a good help to anyone interested in going naked with his FZ6, since I`ve done 2 & 1/2 naked conversions already... so I can basically do it with my eyes closed I would be glad to give a hand to anyone, so PM me!

    Alright, next!

    Edit: I thought it may be useful to add everybody's Resume here, to make it easier to find should you need it:

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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    Nice thread Wavex! Great idea.

    I rode my first street bike in 2001. I struggled through a couple years on an ‘87 Shadow 1100, messed around with some random bikes for a short time, including a ’83 V65 Magna 1100 and a Hondamatic 750, before buying my FZ6 in September 2005. I've also owned a KTM 125 SX, a DR650, a KTM 640 Adventure R, a KTM 950 Super Enduro R, Aprilia Tuono 100R, and Yamaha WR250R/X in addition to the FZ6.

    I do a lot of sport touring / moto-camping and a fair amount of adventure touring on the dual sports (some of my ride reports can be found on this forum). I usually commute on average one day a week on the bike (I live in the city). I do the occassional sportbike trackday (was doing a lot for a while there but now just do about 1 a year). and the occassional supermotard track day. Go to the OHV park to ride dirt every now and then. I tend to ride pretty fast and pass a lot but I'm no expert at anything.

    I do all my own work on my bikes. I generally only do performance mods (suspension, brakes, etc.).

    Lastly, I crashed pretty badly when I was a complete n00b. I do a ton of moto reading and am just generally always looking to learn from others.
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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    I started riding in 2006 on a ninja 250. I have read alot of books. I have about 28,000 miles riding experince. NO NONE formal training. I used to work as a diesel mechanic, and have no formal motorcycle mech training. I just like to learn and read alot.

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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    Okay, here we go...

    I've been a licensed since about 1981.

    No MSF class but I have attend several roadracing schools.

    Owned a Yamaha TX500, Yamaha Vision, Yamaha RD400F, Yamaha RZ350, Suzuki GS1100E, Yamaha FZ6, Buell 1125R, and a Yamaha FZ1

    I've ridden about 80,000 miles

    I was an expert class road racer with the MRA (Mountain Road Racing Association) and whatever club is in Phoenix. I've placed as high as 5th in an expert race and finished 9th over all in 450 Superbike for the season. I have also raced the Streets of Steamboat. That was the last street race in the US. We raced through the condo area below the chairlifts on the mountain, very fun!

    Not formally trained as a mechanic but as a poor racer I did all of my own work. I can top end two-stoke motors, tune carbs, read plugs and do any other non-motor or transmission work. I will admit I don't like electrical work. I can also repair ABS body work a do a so-so job of painting. My father is the real painter and he and I have painted three of my bikes.

    I've toured most of the Western United States and was dumb enough to ride across Death Valley in mid-July twice!

    I've crashed at least 10 times, maybe more, and broken a few body parts along the way. Wear your gear.

    I've never been hit by a car, come close, and I've never hit a car. I have run over a black lab, and a rabbit.

    Currently I commute about 3 to 4 times a week on the FZ and I'm estimating I'll ride about 5,000 to 7,500 miles a year. EDIT: 6100 in '08, 2,800 for '09.

    I'd like to do track days again and I simply need to carve out the time to do it. EDIT: Two track days in '08, two track days on '09, including Big Willow.
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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    I bought my first bike about 3 weeks ago...
    is that good enough for you???

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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    Nice one David,

    I have ridden bikes for 16 years and have a full UK license I have also had some advanced training with the UK Police. The longest period without riding is three years. The longest period that I rode major miles was 1 year as a motorcycle courier in London. I used to ride between 3000+ miles a week. Now I do about 80 - 120 miles a week as I have a short commute to work.
    I have had 6 major offs (all my own fault and speed related) and tested loads of gear.
    I have broken 6 long bones, scapula, perforated an ear drum and suffered bells palsy as a result of my brushes with tarmac.
    I have also never attended a track day but plan on doing one for my birthday.
    I have maintained all of my previous bikes with the aid of a Haynes manual.
    Most of my mechanical knowledge was passed on to me by my father (mechanic) reading and this forum and I am useless at electrics.
    I am not a quick rider in terms of talent but enjoy pushing myself.

    I have had a few bikes:

    50 cc trials bikes
    100cc YB100 and XS100
    RD 200 stage 3 tune & polished.
    CBR 400 (baby blade)
    ER 500

    If I dont know the answer I don't bullsh1t, if I am wrong I am more than happy to be corrected. If I have offended you likewise let me know.

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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    Listen to me at your own risk.

    Did one day of track school, and a couple lengthy trips through the western half of North America. On average 7 months out of year I use bike to commute and joy ride a fair bit round town and the province near town. Summer 2011 will finally be the year I put my dedicated track bike to use on regular track day sessions.

    (11,000km as of April 23, 2009)

    (30,000km as of November 23, 2009)

    (lost count as of December 2010, due to a bad odometer)
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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    I got my motorcycle endorsement when I was 18. I'm now 40 something.

    I'm a Certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor for the State of Nevada.

    I've have taken the MSF BasicRider Course, and RiderCoach Preparation Course which allows me to be an instructor.

    My FZ6 has and continues to be my only ride.

    It's my 4th bike, but technically my first streetbike. I've come from dirt.

    Most miles ridden in one day: 938 miles

    Have participated in group rides.

    I have never been down but I always know that the possiblity to go down can be anyday. That is why I wear ...........................
    All The Gear All The Time

    I have read several books about motorcycling and have kept up with this forum by reading other posts on what and not to do. Just my everyday riding has pretty much helped me to determine what street stategies works best to stay safe, such as lane and lane positions.

    Rain or shine, my bike is my only ride so it helps me maintain my skill level. I now live in Idaho where the winter is not very forgiving. Zero degree lows and snow and ice covered roads. I still have managed to ride every day thanks to getting my bike equipped with studded tires.
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    Gloves: Motoport Race Gauntlet & Winter Gloves, First Gear Heated Gloves
    Jacket: A bunch
    Boots: Daytona Roadstar GTX, BMW Sports Dry Boots

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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    well....um....newbie with a permit . I never reply to technical threads because I don't talk out my a$$. I'm just here to keep the forum alive and the members entertained! Nothin wrong with that, right?
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    Re: Your Rider Resume

    The FZ is my first bike and I've owned it for about two years and logged about 12k miles on it. I did the MSF course before getting the bike and have not taken a course or track day since.
    I do have a lot of experience working on car motors, which translates over to motorcycles pretty easily. I also have done a ton of electrical work, though mostly in Alternating Current (AC), not Direct Current (DC).
    While I work in the medical field currently, I was a physics teacher before going to medical school. Thus my advice tends to revolve around the physics of motorcycles more so than the actual technique (which actually really weirds people out when they find out that a motorcycle actually steers from the back tire not the front at speed - PM me if you don't know this and I'll explain).

    In summary, please only give advice when you are qualified to give advice. No body here needs to be given poor advice just because another member feels the need to run his mouth about something he/she doesn't know anything about. If you are passing information that you heard from someone else, make sure you state that. If you are speculating, state it for G-d's sake. If you are a former Moto-GP racer, please chime in.
    Dr. Rob

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