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  14. Craig Jones (RIP)
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  21. my Friend lost his Dad
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  23. Soldier down
  24. Steve Fossett RIP
  25. Local FZ6 rider killed by drunk off-duty RCMP officer
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  27. One of the worst days of my life! My brother died
  28. Jeremy Lusk succumbs to his injuries...RIP
  29. Lost a fellow rider and good friend
  30. RIP Josh Holmes... lost but not forgotten
  31. Not gone, but took a good fall...
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  33. another distracted cager
  34. Hitting too close to home
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  37. Mate's farewell Ride - Friday 30 Oct
  38. Rip sheridan
  39. Blue Day In Vegas Today
  40. Crap end to the day
  41. So long our KLR650 friend.
  42. Please watch your six riders.... RIP to all of them.
  43. Six Bike pile up - 2 dead
  44. Aussie Moto X Champ McFarlane dead....
  45. LRRS Racer from CT dies at NHMS
  46. San Diego: Motorcyclist killed in crash near Ramona identified
  47. RIP Gary Mendez
  48. Holden employee, down but still kicking
  49. RIP Arconan
  50. Bad weekend for San Diego
  51. The Cheech
  52. Brisbane Storm victim
  53. Horrible reminder of just how vulnerable we ALL are!
  54. First Rider of the season.....RIP
  55. Rider Coach / Marine RIP
  56. todays bike fatality on salisbury highway
  57. RIP Ken Wootton - Aussie Motorcycle journalist legend
  58. Dirt sucks.
  59. Please wear your helmets...
  60. Black Sunday (9th October 2011)
  61. Rip
  62. I am going to get drunk (RIP Vlad)
  63. man down!!
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  65. RIP Snowmobiler Caleb Moore dies aged 25
  66. RIP... and Justice for the Fallen
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  68. No details, but local roads claimed a rider
  69. Rider killed on my local training loop
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  73. Dragon Fatality
  74. Fz1 rider down I. Paramus NJ
  75. Brother in Ontario
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